Two old high rises were torn down and were to be replaced with sin­gle fam­ily homes. These 30 houses are real­ized in a park-​like set­ting around a lit­tle har­bor. FARO designed four semi-​detached houses, 13 ter­raced houses on the water and 13 ter­raced houses on the park. A wooden board­walk runs along the full width of the houses on the water side.

All homes have thatched roofs, inspired by the large farm barns with thatched roofs in the province of Dren­the. Oth­er­wise, the design is very sub­tle. A sober palette of col­ors and mate­ri­als has been used. The roofs are thatched, win­dow frames and doors are made of white wood and the facades are made of a nuanced brown brick. This brick is partly fin­ished with engobe, which shim­mers when the sun hits the brick at a cer­tain angle. This effect is strongest when the sun comes out after a rain.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

land­goed de olmen­horst
lis­ser­weg 487d
2165 as lisserbroek

ves­tig­ing oost
oude kraan 72
6811 ll arnhem

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