FARO devel­oped together with Heren5 the win­ning plan ‘‘Bies­land’’, that now, ten years later is com­pleted. In Bies­land, all archi­tects worked accord­ing to the agree­ments in the design guide­lines and the plan was devel­oped by a sin­gle devel­oper. This resulted in a har­monic bal­ance between unity and diver­sity. All houses have the same 53 degrees roof pitch and all roof tiles and brick are from the same fam­ily in mate­r­ial and color. The result is an infor­mal and relaxed liv­ing envi­ron­ment where all homes have dif­fer­ent archi­tec­tural nuances and have dif­fer­ent posi­tions on their lots. A clear tran­si­tion from lot to pub­lic space is impor­tant for the sus­tain­abil­ity of an urban plan. In Bies­land all lots are dif­fer­ent, which meant we had to per­form micro-​urban plan­ning per lot, defin­ing exactly how the house is put on the lot, how big the front yard would be, the height of the roof that would fit best, which direc­tion the roof points, the loca­tion of the garage and the car and which lot-​separations should be applied.

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