A rural char­ac­ter, space for spe­cific tar­get groups like young and old peo­ple and empha­sis on sus­tain­able build­ing. These are some points of depar­ture that form the basis for the devel­op­ment of Twuyverhoek.

The basis of the plan was cre­ated in 2004, when FARO together with Heren 5, van der Waals Zein­stra, SVP and Min2 were ‘locked up’ by the city of Langedijk in a hotel in the dunes to cre­ate an inte­gral plan. The whole town was a wit­ness – city ser­vices, town coun­cil, cul­tural his­to­ri­ans and a com­mit­tee from the res­i­dents. That was spe­cial. It’s very rare that design­ers are selected to develop a plan first and that com­mer­cial par­ties are selected later.

In work­shops, we devel­oped a con­cept for the rural devel­op­ment of Sint Pan­cras. After a col­lec­tive analy­sis of the local qual­i­ties and the expe­ri­ences of the design­ing par­ties it appeared to be a good start­ing point to casu­ally mix as many ingre­di­ents of the plan. In com­bi­na­tion with guide-​lines about mate­ri­als and col­ors, mix­ing leads to a good cohesion.

FARO designed 171 res­i­dences for two clients. These include two apart­ment build­ings of ten res­i­dences each, sin­gle fam­ily homes with a garage, two types of semi-​detached homes and three types of ter­raced houses.

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